Daniel Cusson propriétaire

Daniel Cusson
Owner, certified massage therapist.

FQM# 19670 (Insurance receipts)


My story begins in my early 20s. I’ve always been a hard worker and I pushed my limits beyond my body’s capabilities in order to succeed passed my employers expectations. By doing so, I wound up with an injury. A torn Achilles’ tendon. Miss diagnostics from multiple practitioners resulted in the inability to prove that the injury was caused by a work accident. I continued to work hard even through the bitter pain. What was bad became worse. From over compensating I had injured my other Achilles’ Tendon as well. Over a period of 7 years being told I had Tendinitis or bursitis or both. I was also told  I had inflammatory disease. “Just take pills,” doctors said. After taking too many pills i developed stomach ulcers etc. I was destined to fix my problem with natural healing. I said no to all pills and did research on possible reasons why there was pain and why it would not go away. I had scar tissue formed from reoccurring tendon tears. I began researching massage therapy. Interested in the natural healing, I massaged my Achilles’ tendons every day. Quite rapidly I felt improvement in mobility and reduction of pain. As I continued I was able to do light sports, go jogging, rollerblading and even hiking once again. After the success I got, I decided to become a professional massage therapist to help others with their pain. Here I am today, a licensed massage therapist, to help your needs.